Nimaworks supports CX Summit 2021 as a Grand Sponsor

Nimaworks supports this year’s CX Summit 2021 as a Grand Sponsor

Nimaworks supports this year’s CX Summit 2021 as a Grand Sponsor, bringing a very important speaker to it! Alina Gleiss, EMEA Senior Sales Manager at Zendesk will present “CX Trends 2021 - how companies can benefit now”. Join CX Summit 2021 and our virtual booth to discuss about Customer Experience, Zendesk solutions and how they can benefit your organization.

About Alina Gleiss

Alina Gleiss is one of the EMEA Sales Leaders at Zendesk, the Leading provider in Customer Service Software, with over 200,000 trusted customers that can now state they are building better CX relationships. She has successfully led EMEA and Global Sales teams in the CX and Sas industry for the last 12 Years. Her passion and strengths lie in leading multicultural, fast growing Teams. Her ability to speak 6 Languages has opened up many communication channels. In her career at Zendesk she has helped grow the Zendesk brand with her teams in the Emerging and EMEA markets. She believes that people (customers and internal stakeholders) are the heart and soul of every organization and will support any growth no matter how small.

About CX Summit 2021

CX Summit 2021 returns live on your screen on January 28, 2021, to show why CX is the driving force in a complex and more digital world. The conference will present ways to create, deliver and optimize best customer experiences. It will answer the question “What Makes Today’s Most Successful CX Leaders?”.

About Nimaworks

Nimaworks offers innovative and modern solutions focusing on Customer Experience, Service Management and Agile practices. We want to help companies improve their relationship with their clients by aligning technologies and customer service best practices. Nimaworks is a Zendesk partner, providing the leading platform designed to improve customer relationships through a beautifully omni-channel system, transforming the way you interact with your customers, increasing satisfaction in CX, accelerating growth.

About Zendesk

Zendesk builds software designed to improve customer relationships with global presence in 160 customer countries & territories. Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that builds software designed to improve customer relationships.


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