IT & Enterprise Service Management

Helping teams gain efficiencies, work together, and deliver business value!

Our consultants help IT teams switch to leaner, more agile approaches that enable collaboration and knowledge sharing capabilities over complex, inflexible workflows.


In the last 10 years, our team of consultants has been busy identifying and diagnosing company challenges and successfully implementing projects and solutions exclusively tailor-fit to address each company’s and customers’ needs.


We put your ITSM strategy and implementation in the centre of your digital transformation initiatives. We provide top-notch bespoke planning and implementation, helping you create and control the experience of your customers and manage your IT team more efficiently. With transparency and productivity always in mind.


Our ITSM practices have been helping companies from a range of industries, from banking to insurance, and from telecom to energy, so they can meet the communication needs of both users and IT employees and satisfy business objectives. Rest assured, we will and deliver a holistic approach to consulting so your organisation can become more agile and thrive.


With tools like Jira Service Management, Atlassian connects a range of teams from IT operations to development and business teams, allowing them to operate at high velocity and deliver the exceptional service experiences their customers and employees demand. Today, successful IT teams should no longer just fix problems, but provide the best possible service, using agile and automation, and driving digitalisation!

With Nimawork’s IT & Enterprise Service Management solutions you can:
  • Promote self-service through automations and knowledge sharing
  • Adopt a team-centric approach to incident management
  • Implement a service-centric source of truth with a CMDB
  • Proactively communicate service disruptions
  • Find the root cause of problems faster
  • Streamline your approach to change management
  • Centralise and visualise your change plans
  • Automate where you can, streamline where you can’t