Enterprise Consulting


We are Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners, with more than 10 years of experience in design and implementation of Atlassian solutions for the enterprise. We have successfully designed and implemented Atlassian solutions in multiple industries, spanning from successful growing start-ups to large organisations with more than 8k active Jira users.


We offer end-to-end solutions to help you get the most out of your Atlassian tools. Our Atlassian-certified consultants can design and implement state of the art Enterprise and IT Service Management solutions, guide you using the best DevOps and Agile practices, and propose the most suitable Atlassian apps to meet your needs.


That's why we work as a team with our customers, delivering their vision based on their needs. We share our knowledge and empower them to continue their Atlassian journey.   

Our Certified Atlassian Professionals, can offer your business a wide range of consulting services such as:
  • Migration from on-prem Atlassian software to Atlassian Cloud
  • Atlassian ecosystem governance and regular management
  • Process mapping using frameworks and standards such as ITIL, ISO2000
  • Lean ESM and ITSM implementation using Atlassian best practices
  • Open DevOps and software development practices
  • Portfolio and project management
  • Backup, Restore and Upgrade procedures and tips
  • Workflows - planning, creating and operating custom-defined workflows
  • Searching and Reporting Overview and Examples
Our goal is to help you
  • Maximise ROI and gain a competitive advantage
  • Adhere to best practices and extend collaboration breaking down silos
  • Expand your capabilities for IT and Enterprise service management
  • Deliver great software, quickly and with agility