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A single platform for integration and workflow automation across your organisation

Next-Gen iPaaS

Empower more teams in your organisation to easily and quickly create integrations with a visually intuitive low/no-code experience.  Securely connect to cloud, on-prem databases and ERP, legacy applications, and more.


Utilise a mix of API-based and UI-based automation ensuring the right tool for the right problem.  Drastically improve the performance of your automations so that they aren’t constrained by the speed of clicking through screens.

Enterprise workflow automation

Go beyond automating single tasks and automate entire business processes.  Enable processes which interact with multiple enterprise applications across any number of business functions.

Smart Data Pipelines (ETL/ELT)

Effortlessly load data by integrating with any source - cloud, on-prem databases, files , ERPs, APIs, data streams. Dynamic throughput optimisation allowing for high-performance data extracts and loads without worrying about infrastructure.

Unlock your data with Microservices

Secure access to data by selectively exposing data using APIs to control and govern access to data.  Deliver workflow as a service by creating standardised flows and consistent business rules available as reusable services.  Modernise your existing EDI interfaces and data sharing with suppliers and partners.

Enterprise chat bots

Improve user experience by bringing the tasks and actions required by your team into the tools they already use.  Interact with employees using natural language commands or by creating forms and buttons all within Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

Named a Leader in Enterprise iPaaS for the Fourth Consecutive Year.