Built for professional teams

Bitbucket Cloud is a Git based code hosting and collaboration tool, built for teams. Bitbucket's best-in-class Jira and Trello integrations are designed to bring the entire software team together to execute on a project. It provides one place for your team to collaborate on code from concept to Cloud, build quality code through automated testing, and deploy code with confidence. 

Code Collaboration

Build quality software with code review

Approve code review more efficiently with pull requests. Create a merge checklist with designated approvers and hold discussions right in the source code with inline comments.

Continuous Delivery

Deploy often with built-in continuous delivery

Bitbucket Pipelines with Deployments lets you build, test and deploy with integrated CI/CD. Benefit from configuration as code and fast feedback loops.


Secure your workflow

Know your code is secure in the Cloud with IP whitelisting and required 2-step verification. Restrict access to certain users, and control their actions with branch permissions and merge checks for quality code.

Bitbucket Features
Where teams come together

For modern software teams who plan, code, test, and deploy at scale.

Code Review

Continuously collaborate, merge with confidence, and deliver quality code.

Branch Permissions

Provide granular access control for your team, ensuring the right people have the right access to your code.


Bitbucket’s integrated CI/CD tool that enables you to build and test automatically and deploy with confidence.

Jira Software integration

Create a branch from within a Jira Software issue and set up triggers to transition between statuses when reviewing or merging code.

Trello boards

Organise your projects and collaborate with your team on boards.

Diff views

Understand what's changing in your repositories with unified or side-by-side diffs when reviewing code.


Help your team focus on a goal, product, or process by organising your repositories into projects.

IDE integrations

Create and review Bitbucket pull requests, build and deploy, and more from within the IDE.

Merge checks

Recommend specific conditions on merges for individual branches or branch patterns. Or enforce merge checks through Bitbucket Premium.

Deployment permissions

Configure controls on who can do deployments and from which branch. This is a Bitbucket Premium feature and can be accessed through Bitbucket Pipelines.


Pipes Plug-and-play to build and automate a CI/CD pipeline in Bitbucket Pipelines that meets your exact needs.

Build integrations

Bitbucket can show build results from your CI system. A simple pass or fail icon tells you about the health of your code.