Watch on demand: Let’s start automating with Workato!

Watch on demand: Let’s start automating with Workato! free webinar

The first webinar of Nimaworks and Workato, took place on November 11, 2020 with great success.

In this 45-minute webinar, the speakers announced the recent collaboration between Nimaworks and Workato, presented the platform, interesting customers stories, as well as answered a number of questions from attendees (see Q&A below).

The Workato platform:

Workato platform is a single no/low code integration platform (iPaaS) to integrate anything and automate everything.

Workato is an enterprise leader Integration and Automation Platform in Gartner Magic Quadrant. Shockingly powerful but yet simple and fast to use. With Robust Security and Server-less Operations.

  • Compose your recipes, set triggers and add actions

  • Setup Connections for your recipe to access data from more than 300 Enterprise Systems & Apps

  • Run your recipes and achieve the highest level of automations

Why Nimaworks chose to cooperate with Workato:

Nimaworks has partnered with Workato to offer its clients in Greece and Cyprus, with limitless integration and automation capabilities. Advanced product knowledge, product configuration expertise, training and implementation services, all delivered to you through Nimaworks consultants.

Watch the recorded webinar:

Interested in learning more about Workato, automation, iPaaS?

Watch it here

Webinar Questions, answered by Fergus Moroney, VP EMEA , Workato & Enrico Menichini, Solutions Architect, Workato

What about data retention or data flow through your platform? Do you store data?

Workato is not supposed to store data. It is an integration platform. Of course, we cache the data in order to repeat a recipe and we cache these data for 30 days, which is the default period. Then you can decide if you want to reduce the data retention period to a minimum of 1 hour to max of 90 days.


Can we fill fields in web forms?

If there is an API available you can also fill fields in web forms. If it is something static like simulating the user interaction of the web form, then no. But what you can do is doing it in Slack or Microsoft Teams, so you can create your own web form!


Any major implementations with SAP?

Regarding SAP , we have a lot of customers. In US and Europe we SAP is a Workato customer itself! Reach out to learn more!


Is there any out-of-box connector for SugarCRM?

Yes there is a connector available. But It is very interesting that Workato has no limits. Even if we don’t have a connector for the specific application, our platform features an http connector, which is a generic connector, through which you can call any end point. We also feature an SDK framework that allows to build in a matter of days, a connector for any specific app. This is also something that we or our partners normally do for customers.


Is there a workbot for MS Teams?

Yes, there is! See more here.


Can you track changes done on a recipe by other users?

Yes, absolutely. Any time you save the recipes you can see who saved the recipe by just one click.


What happens with the on-premise applications protected by firewall?

Workato features an on-premise agent which is actually an agent we have for linux, unix and windows. It creates a secure standard between your local network, you local applications behind firewall and Workato cloud. So even if you want to connect to an on-premise system like a data base or an SAP, you can do it with Workato with no issue.


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