It’s time to put an end to Bad Service Management!


In early December 2022 in its High-Velocity event in London, Atlassian spoke bluntly about a terrible condition troubling companies that are stuck with legacy ITSM solutions… Bad Service Management (BSM).

What really is BSM and why should you care?

Bad Service Management is a condition you really don’t want to get yourself into, yet for many it is inevitable.

It starts slowly spreading within IT and quickly attacks other areas of the business.

Recognizing the problem

BSM happens when dev, IT, and business teams work in silos, making it impossible to deliver great service experiences.

The results are:

  • Bloated budgets - ITSM costs keep going up with little to no value added.

  • Irritable teammates - Finger pointing between Dev and Ops teams lead to worsening performance.

  • Painful onboarding - Deploying and expanding to new teams is way too complicated.

  • Sluggish timelines - What usually takes hours, ends up taking days or even weeks.

Join the fight against BSM today with Jira Service Management!

Jira Service Management can stop BSM at its source.

With healthier budgeting, your organization won’t have to overspend on bulky, bloated, and confusing solutions. Your Dev, Ops, and business teams will be able to better collaborate. You will be able to respond to changes and incidents faster in the future and enjoy smooth deployments. And get new teams and services up and running quickly, saving on licensing costs by retiring outdated ITSM solutions.

  • Save time and money

  • Automate service requests

  • Reduce resolution time

  • Increase productivity of your teammates


So, what should you do next?

In December, Atlassian announced it is launching a special limited time offer to help companies get started today with the assistance of Jira Service Management.

  • If you are a large organization, you get a 30% discount on your first Jira Service Management year.

  • Small teams receive 10 free Agents in Jira Service Management for one year.

Nimaworks is here to help you put an end to Bad Service Management and get started quickly with Atlassian’s limited-time Jira Service Management special offer, available for data center and cloud. Contact us and make the most from Atlassian’s unique offer.


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