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We've moved! Take a look at our new office space!


It’s been a long time coming.

After almost 6 years in Halandri, celebrating many achievements and making plenty of memories, we can finally say we have outgrown the place. We’re thrilled to announce that our office in Athens, Greece has relocated to a new, bigger and modern space in Marousi, at the heart of the city's business and technology district!

Our office relocation has allowed us to create a space that reinforces the values we hold most dear.

Openness & Transparency
We have always cultivated a culture of transparency and openness where employees feel deeply connected to the goals and objectives of the organization and can develop through experiences, coaching, and training.

One of the main reasons we chose our new location was its open-space floor plan which fosters communication and collaboration among co-workers. With its open space floor plan, our new office eliminates walls and barriers helping us streamline processes and better support our clients.

Collaboration & Teamwork
We are proud of having created a workplace that thrives on collaboration and teamwork. A team that is guided by the same integrity and is motivated by a common ambition to offer customer excellence.

In our new office, we have created spaces that invite conversation. Our new meeting rooms and focus rooms are designed for teams to meet privately, take calls and work without any disturbances while relying on large-scale glass doors and windows to create opportunities for greater collaboration.

But that’s not all.

In choosing our new office we put a great emphasis on natural light in order to create a cheerful, sociable atmosphere and in providing flexible workspaces, where people have the option to work anywhere they choose around the office.

And talking about flexibility, we remain a hybrid workplace offering our employees the autonomy to design their work week and work where they feel most comfortable, whether that's at home, the office, or a combination of both.

Cheers to new beginnings!


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