Nimaworks & Atlassian support this year’s 12th ITSM Conference

Nimaworks & Atlassian support this year’s 12th ITSM Conference

Nimaworks & Atlassian support this year’s 12th ITSM Conference on 4 February 2021, as a Grand Sponsors!  Join our virtual booth and learn everything about Atlassian & the new generation of ITSM!

Vincent Wong, Principal Product Manager at Atlassian, will present “Reimagining ITSM for an Agile and DevOps World”.

IT is in the midst of rapid transformation, but old ways of working constrain progress. Some organizations struggle to keep up, while high-performing teams are using it to their competitive advantage. In this session, learn about one of the most impactful changes happening to IT teams and how organizations can adapt to not just survive, but excel in this unique moment in IT history.

About Vincent Wong

Vincent is a Principal Product Manager at Atlassian and has been part of the Jira Service Management team for the last 6 years, where he has seen the product from its first release to what we have today. Vincent has a strong interest in the ITSM and ESM space and continues to think of new ways to improve how IT teams and software teams can work better together.

Outside of thinking about IT and DevOps, Vincent is a lover of good food, good wine and good coffee. You can often find him hunting down the latest restaurant or bar opening around Australia.

Introducing Jira Service Management! Ready to amp up your ITSM?

Jira Service Management empowers Dev and Ops teams to collaborate at high-velocity, so they can respond to business changes and deliver great customer and employee service experiences fast.

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About 12th ITSM Conference 2021

The 12th IT Service Management Conference aims to highlight how companies and IT departments can create competitive advantage and added business value through frameworks such as ITIL®4 and High Velocity Service Management.


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